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We are part of a community that includes humans, animals and plants. We strive to support the wellbeing of all.

There's only one small road here, we prefer foot-traffic, it's good for the lungs.

We cultivate a community garden so that everyone can share the benefits. In fact, a portion of the Museum of Cuisine's profits are fed back into environmental and community-building initiatives.

We believe that a little bit of the divine inhabits everything we grow.

All our produce is delivered on public buses that would be taking the trip anyway. We don't want to contribute to Kathmandu's growing pollution problem.

We don't use plastic bags

We pick our veggies and fruits sustainably, we never over-harvest. Our plants like to take their time to achieve perfection. Slow food is good food!

Where possible, we cultivate a range of heirloom plant varieties and heritage seeds

All our fertilisers are organic, homemade by our well-fed cows

All our plants, animals and humans are watered by the spring snows of the Himalayas

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